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Vatellinese Credito HQ

Concerning the new headquarter, "SERVICES CENTER OF THE BANK GROUP - CREDITO VALTELLINESE," the concept of lightness plays a vital role due to the particular compact and complex building morphology. The different situations on the various floors, both for structural morphology and materials (glass, masonry, round and rectilinear wall, ceiling), suggest using a unifying element able to meet several applications according to the surfaces in charge. 
The design by Arch. Masella foresaw the use of traditional material, reinterpreted in a contemporary way.
In term to meet such expectations, it was proposed different elements of natural Cotto: the Doga "T" element for the blind walls, laid with horizontal joints of 5 cm, while, for in front of the curtain walls, a sunshade is created with the Doga "Flat" tile that thins out reversing the balance between empty and full. Showing an extremely slim substructure and proposing an idea of ​​covering which, playing with relations between empty and full spaces, highlights the building's architectural characteristics.


Sannini Terra Cotta Rainscreen & Sunscreen


Milan Italy


Andrea Murada - Stelline real estate services Spa

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