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What are the architectural sunscreens?

Architectural sunscreens are systems typically installed on the exterior of a building in front or above windows to filter the amount of daylight and solar radiation that makes it into the interior. These systems can also be an important aesthetic piece, providing depth and character to a building. They can be designed to be at a fixed orientation or to be operable to counteract the sun's movements. 

Why terra cotta sunscreens?

Using terra cotta provides aesthetic and practical attributes. Terra cotta can be applied to traditional or contemporary architecture and provide designers freedom and flexibility with a large range of custom colors, finishes, and profiles. 


Terra cotta is also a very sustainable and recyclable material. The panels and other elements are made from natural clay and fired in a kiln, thus providing a warm and classic appearance. Since the base material is natural, it’s environmentally friendly and can be recycled and manufactured again to shade another structure. 

Terra cotta also has great resistance to corrosion and natural elements like sunlight, as well as high freeze-thaw resistance. It provides a dry-fix solution with no messy sealants or grouts and is quick and easy for field teams to install. Also importantly, terra cotta is a non-combustible material making it easier to design code-compliant exterior walls. 


Sunscreen tile library 



500x50x50 mm 19.68x1.97x1.97 inches



500x60x32 mm 19.68x2.38x1.26 inches

Doga - piana

Doga - piana

500x145x50 mm 19.68x5.71x1.97 inches

Why do architects need sunscreens?

Currently, in architecture, the use of glass and large windows is prevalent. But with more glass, the risk for solar radiation and negative effects on energy efficiency is increased. Sunshades are a solution to allow natural light into spaces but cut back on glare and radiant heat. Sunscreens also are very aesthetically pleasing and can be custom designed with special shapes and finishes to leave a one of a kind touch to any project. 

Benefits of terra cotta architectural sunscreens


Increased occupant comfort


Added depth and character


Lower solar heat transmission


Reduced Glare

Sannini Terra Cotta Sunscreen

Lamella Suncreen

Sannini Terra Cotta Sunscreen

Custom Suncreen - BP Studio by Claudio Nardi Architects

Sannini Terra Cotta Sunscreen

Lamella Suncreen

Sannini Terra Cotta Sunscreen

Lamella Suncreen

Why Lopresti Cotto Solutions?

Lopresti Cotto Solutions supports every project from the very beginning to the final closeout. Every step of the process requires teamwork, communication, and coordination for success. Our mission is to be a valuable resource and trusted partner. To ensure working with the Lopresti/Manetti/Sannini team is the preferred option, time, and time again. 

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