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What is an anchoring system?

Anchoring systems are mechanical fixing substructures typically of aluminum or stainless steel that anchor and support the external cladding tiles. These systems are engineered to allow for a simplified and flexible dry mounting of elements and a generous tolerance to account for the wall structure's irregularity. 

Why do terra cotta rainscreens need an anchoring system?

Terra cotta rainscreen need an anchoring system to complete a couple of key roles. First, the anchoring system is the fixing device the cladding elements are fastened. Secondly, the anchoring system acts as a structural frame that transfers the general load from the outer terra cotta skin to the structural wall structure. The structural frame also creates the air cavity behind the outer skin creating the back ventilated attributes of a rainscreen. 

Benefits of anchoring systems provided by Sannini

Support systems designed by Sannini have two main advantages.

1. the cladding elements are independent of each other and from the package of underlying layers, radically reducing any phenomenon of coercion (following thermal variations, stress from load, displacement caused from outside and often unanticipated by simulations and structural calculations).

2. operations of mounting and disassembling the cladding are simplified and speeded up, with the added possibility of substituting faulty or damaged elements in the life cycle of the cavity wall.

Sannini Anchoring System
Sannini Anchoring System
Sannini Anchoring System
Sannini Anchoring System

Why Lopresti Cotto Solutions?

Lopresti Cotto Solutions supports every project from the very beginning to the final closeout. Every step of the process requires teamwork, communication, and coordination for success. Our mission is to be a valuable resource and trusted partner. To ensure working with the Lopresti/Manetti/Sannini team is the preferred option, time, and time again. 

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