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What is Cottostone?

Cottostone is a composite material comprised mainly of terra cotta, crushed and bound with special resins and natural quartz. An innovative architectural product with great flexibility, allowing it to be applied both inside and outside. A new material – a blend of history and technology.

How can Cottostone be used?

Cottostone can be used for many applications, including raised floors in reinforced Cottostone, ventilated facades, window sills, cornices, waterjet cut panels, and generally anywhere the use of stone is known to this day. In its basic sizes of 60 and 120 cm, Cottostone leaves the factory chamfered, gauged, and including any project-specific fabrication.

What size is Cottostone available? 

Cottostone can be manufactured in a wide range of different sizes depending on the design and application. Cottostone can be manufactured to a maximum of 47" x 118" (120x300 cm) at varying thicknesses of 0.51", 0.79", or 1.2" (1.3/2/3 cm).

cottostpone 2.JPG

How is Cottostone attached when used in a rainscreen application?

The application of Cottostone slabs in a rainscreen assembly requires the special working of either the slabs' backs or edges. The slabs are milled and bored in the factory as required to insert housings for the metal anchors. 

Cottostone Anchor
Cottostone Anchor

What Finishes is Cottostone available in? 

Cottostone is available in the three below textured finishes. 







Example of Cottostone waterjet panels

Expo Shanghai by Studio MOA -  Mario Occhiuto Architecture

Finish -  Technostone

01 (1).jpg

Why Lopresti Cotto Solutions?

Lopresti Cotto Solutions supports every project from the very beginning to the final closeout. Every step of the process requires teamwork, communication, and coordination for success. Our mission is to be a valuable resource and trusted partner. To ensure working with the Lopresti/Manetti/Sannini team is the preferred option, time, and time again. 

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