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Aprochimide Rainscreen


Terra cotta facades can be broken down into several main components. Click the links below to learn more about each. 


Also known as sun control devices, our terra cotta sunscreens offer both aesthetic and practical attributes. Custom profiles are available to meet any designer's needs.

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Anchoring System

Every rainscreen and sunscreen system has its own technical and visual requirements. Therefore, our companion support systems are available in various metals and finishes. 

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Special Shapes

Special projects require special solutions. Explore the custom shapes and finishes offered to make a one of a kind statement for your upcoming project.

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Help protect your building's internal elements with terra cotta ventilated facades, an ancient traditional material ready to clad modern structures in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Colors & Finishes

Terra cotta elements can be manufactured with a wide range of shapes, sizes, color, and surface finish. We can also create custom elements for use on your project.

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Truly an innovative material, reality goes far beyond the imagination, making it possible through advanced technologies that are unfeasible in nature.

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