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Piazza del Duomo


Terra cotta flooring products by Manetti Gusmano & Figli are available in several different styles. Click the links below to learn more about each. 

Machine Drawn

Also known as extruded tiles, the tile is formed by forcing the clay through a die. Once shaped, the long block of clay is cut to the desired length.

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The mosaic series products bring the possibility of using terra cotta in formats traditionally associated with glass or ceramic tesserae. 

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Explore some brilliant projects realized with Manetti cotto tiles. From paving large scale city plazas to bringing a natural charm to a residential kitchen.

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Strictly following the ancient tradition of Impruneta, skilled artisans model the clay with their bare hands using single wooden molds.

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Flash system

Flash System is the exclusive indoor treatment method made with cutting-edge techniques designed to maintain terra cotta's absolute naturalness.

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Truly an innovative material, reality goes far beyond the imagination, making it possible through advanced technologies that are unfeasible in nature.

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