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At Lopresti Cotto Solutions, we work to connect owners, architects, general contractors, and specialty contractors with the art and tradition of Tuscan clay facades. We strive to service the construction industry with the same level of care and precision that goes into the product, one tile at a time. 


Lopresti Cotto Solutions is a partner and US-based representative for the prestigious Italian terra cotta manufacture Manetti Gusmano & Figli, focusing on the Sannini Impruneta facade line of products and solutions. 

With years of experience in commercial construction and building envelope design, fabrication, and installation, Lopresti Cotto Solutions is a turn-key solution from the initial design to the final product.


Since 1780, at Ferrone, in the district of Impruneta, the Manetti family has been dedicated to the production of Cotto Imprunetino.

In the Manetti Gusmano & Figli furnaces, terra cotta tiles and artisanal terra cotta elements are made following Impruneta's traditions.

The experience acquired in three centuries of activity combined with the clay's uniqueness translates into a material with distinctive characteristics. 

Galestro clay, present in the quarries of the Fornace, represents an exclusive peculiarity of the Impruneta area and gives the terra cotta unique characteristics in terms of color, resistance, strength, and porosity. The strong link with the territory and the great passion for quality are the main features of the activity. 

The Manetti Gusmano & Figli firm has recently opened itself to technologically advanced solutions in the use of the material, acquiring the Sannini brand and its know-how (made up of knowledge and operative skills developed internationally in the last 20 years) in designing, producing, and dry-mounting of “terra cotta shells” in architecture.

According to the new challenges, Manetti Gusmano & Figli company is interested in the cotto architectonic applications market – national and international – traditionally and innovatively, through contribution to research, planning, technical information, all developed in house.


Sannini is one of the most long-lived and prestigious companies in the industrial production of clay. 

The classic lines of hand-made cotto go with the continuous study of new materials where clay is mixed with special resins and quartzes, with particular attention to the production process' sustainability.

The research is also applied to the modeling of terra cotta in unconventional forms for use in architecture. The characteristics of the naturalness and inalterability of the material are fully enhanced. This is the case for ventilated walls, designed by Sannini to respond in the most authentic way to the demands of quality, aesthetic grace, and functional efficiency expressed by the market today.

Besides standard productions, the company can develop custom solutions for large scale projects strictly working with architects and designers.

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