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logistic Center & Museum Space

The sunscreen consists of elements with a triangular section, designed by architect Vincenzo Melluso and called “melvin.” A peculiarity of the terra cotta elements is the white coloring of the customized elements with “litos” finish, obtained through a particular, newly experimented surface treatment while maintaining terra cotta's texture. The façade covers one elevation of the building, alternating full and empty spaces emphasized by the terra cotta elements' cusped aspect. The anchoring uses a special “double-omega” system with 2500 mm horizontal bars fastened to the support slabs. The system reduces the direct flow of external light and is thus creating a more effective light distribution inside the building.


Sannini Terra Cotta Sunscreen


Capena Rome


Società Politecnica Srl
terracotta element: Arch. Vincenzo Melluso


Alberto Muciaccia, Würth archive

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